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Welcome to the ARTOPRINT website & services. We hope you enjoy your use of our facilities. Please appreciate and understand that this is a legal world and that you, by not immediately leaving this website now or immediately after reading our terms of service are accepting our services under the terms of this agreement. It is your obligation to keep your self informed of any changes that may occur between visits, as using our services each time is under the condition that you accept all our terms and conditions. We may change our terms and conditions from time to time without expressly informing you.

1 What ARTOPRINT offers
Create, design, customize products that are listed for sale.
Buy products that are listed for sale
Save and share designs that your may have created.
Use our fun picture and design tools.
Save created images and designs into public and personal galleries.
Post your created images to social networks or blogs that you have the legal right to do so.
Registering to subscribe to special offers and use of galleries.

1.1 ARTOPRINT Return Policy
We are proud of the level of quality we produce across all of our printing avenues. Having said that, we are only human and every once in a while we might have a printing hiccup or miss a manufacturing error in a garment. On the very odd occasion that this happens we are happy to reprint your item. Before we can do that though there are a few steps you need to take. Firstly, read the all important ‘What can be Returned’ list to determine whether or not your item is indeed returnable:

What can be returned?
Returns are only accepted if within 14 days of receipt of purchase
Only damaged/faulty garments, or faulty prints can be returned/exchanged
Please note all returns must be in original packaging and have no noticeable signs of wear or makeup stains
Note: Shipping fee's are non refundable.

Sadly, we can not accept returns or refunds for:
Change of mind
Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the customer
Shipping or stock delays
Unsatisfaction with different colours profiles between different garments 
Incorrect product selection by user - it is the responsibility of the customer to check size charts, style, garment thickness and colours before confirming and paying for their order online.
Design errors introduced by the customer in the design process
Variances in the garment size of +/- 2.5 cm (supplier allowance)
Choosing wrong size (if you have any doubt regarding sizes please call us or email us immediately before we start to process the order)
Unsatisfaction with print size - remember that the mockup garment you are designing on represents a full size range, so be sure to measure out your print size on one of your own tees before uploading it to the design tool to ensure you are happy with how big it is going to print 
Print issues with supplied Garments as we have not tested the fabrics
Inferior quality or low resolution of uploaded images

Order Cancellation
All orders are customised, once we start the processes to get your order ready we will not be able to cancel. If you feel you have made a mistake or want to cancel your order please call us asap after you have placed your order. If we have not started our processes we will make a full refund.

The difference between printing on white garments and coloured garments: 
In order to be able to print on a coloured garment, we first have to spray the garment with a pre treatment solution that allows the white ink something to stick to.  We then lay down a nice thick layer of white ink, followed by the colour layer.  Because of this, colours do tend to look much brighter than when printing on a white garment.  When we print on a white garment, the material absorbs the ink which means it loses a little bit of the vibrancy.  Please ensure you call our sales team to discuss these differences and request samples before placing a larger order.  

The difference between our screen and your screen:
Now is a good time to point out that everyone’s monitors are different, which means that there are going to be small differences in the colours that you see on your screen and what our team is looking at.  In the same way there is going to be a variation in what you see on screen to the actual garment or print colour.  For this reason please allow a 10% variation on both prints and garments, as well as a 10% difference in the print size.

It is also important to note all orders placed via the online store are digitally printed, and that there is a difference in the finished product of a screen printed garment, and a digitally printed garment.  Digital printing utilises water based inks that are cured directly into the material of the garment, rather than sitting on top.  Due to this, digital printing is not as vibrant as screen printing and does not last as long. Digitally printed garments will begin to fade within the first few washes and continue to fade over time.  Digital printing is an excellent way to print a sample of a larger screen print order, as it will help to determine the position and size of your artwork.  It is important to remember that it is not possible to replicate the vibrancy, and density of a screen print using our direct to garment inks.  

Please examine your designs carefully and correct any mistakes prior to placing your order. In an effort to keep costs down and pass substantial savings along to our customers, ARTOPRINT does not proof documents created by its customers prior to processing.  When in doubt, call us ...we're super friendly and helpful.  

*Please note all returns must comply with ARTOPRINT’S user agreement.

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for a refund/reprint than simply send us an email to with the following information.

Your name
Your order number
The date of your purchase
What garment/s you would like to return 
A short description of the manufacturing and/or print error
A photo of the garment

Post your return to:

1 West Thebarton Road


Adelaide SA 5031

We will contact you as soon as we receive your return request to discuss what your options are.

**Important notes and tips on garment selection:
To keep things simple we have chosen AScolour our Major clothing brand and Ramo.   


AS Colour: These guys are the best in terms of print quality, garment variety and garment quality.  AS Colour garments are manufactured using a soft bushed cotton which creates a super smooth print surface.  The smoother the print surface, the smoother the print.  They are the most forward thinking brand with new 'on trend' colours and style.

Ramo: It's a happy medium between price and quality and they have a sweet range of styles available.  Ramo has a huge colour range in their modern fit tees which is great for those wanting to colour match a garment.    

We do sell most local brands and products from JB’sWear, Winning spirit etc. and can get in any product listed with them. Please call us to discuss.

The ARTOPRINT approval disclaimer
We consider all of the following actions to constitute as an authority to proceed on your order.

Verbal Agreement
Payment of an invoice or emailing a reply with approval constitutes authority to proceed.  Clients are requested to check thoroughly before approving. We have taken the utmost care creating your artwork, however are not  liable for client error.

We recommend that you check all proofs thoroughly before approving. We endeavor to be as accurate as possible however please note that due to the production process, colours, position, size and scale are indicative only

ARTOPRINT garment availability disclaimer
All our products online are procured from our suppliers once you place your order.  The downside to this is that on occasion our suppliers do run out of stock.  To ensure these stock delays do not affect the production schedule on your order, ARTOPRINT will take the liberty of swapping your garments over to another supplier of equal or higher quality.  It is not always possible to confirm these changes with you beforehand so if you have your heart set on a brand or style, please let us know at the time of your order.  If we are not able to provide you with a similar or higher quality garment we will informed you withing 2-4 working days.


‚Äč1.2 Delivery timeframes
ARTOPRINT takes great pride in fulfilling our processing and printing timeframes on time and often ahead of schedule. We have also selected two of the best and most reliable postage companies to help ensure your orders are delivered on time and with care. Unfortunately some circumstances are out of our control, and in the unlikely event there is a delay due to Sendle or Australia Post, we cannot take responsibility. We will however do our best to ascertain the reason for the delay and resolve the issue asap.  

If you need your order before our published production timeline please email or give us a call, we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We recommend that you call to check that your stock is available prior to placing your order to avoid delays.  In the event of a delay due to stock, Artoprint will still produce your order as quickly as we possibly can.  Please note that any delays due to stock or shipping do not warrant a refund on the express fee paid as we still print and ship an order in an expedited time frame.  

1.21 Stock

Artoprint does not hold stock of blank products we get them in from our suppliers once orders are placed

1.3 Washing instructions
The longevity of your tee and prints is largely up to you. To ensure you get as much wear out of them as possible please follow these instructions carefully.

Cold gentle wash inside out
Do not tumble dry
If you must iron, iron inside out
Do not dry in direct sunlight

2 Using our ARTOPRINT Services and Website:
In consideration of the promises and obligations given and assumed herein, and intending to be legally bound, these Terms of Use provide as follows.

2.1 Eligibility children under 18
ARTOPRINT will only knowingly provide products or services to persons who can lawfully enter into and form contracts under applicable law.

If you are under the age of 18, but at least 13 years of age, you may order products or services only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use. Children under the age of 13 may view the Website but MAY NOT order products or service.

2.2 Definitions and Interpretation
In these Terms of Use, unless the context indicates a contrary intention:

Intellectual Property Rights means all industrial, commercial and intellectual property rights (including equivalent, neighbouring or proximate rights anywhere in the world that currently exist or are recognised in the future).
A person means any form of legal entity as well as any quasi-legal entity.
A User means any person using the website and/or services provided by ARTOPRINT
A reference to any document, material, information or data includes that document, material, information and data howsoever stored, recorded or embodied, including in any electronic or digital media or otherwise.
The word includes in any form is not a word of limitation.

3 User's Obligations
In consideration of the promises and obligations given and assumed herein, and intending to be legally bound, these Terms of Use provide as follows.

3.1 Responsibilities
Users are and shall be wholly and exclusively responsible, at their own cost, for:

All telecommunications lines, modems, communication controllers, routers, multiplexers, terminals and all other equipment, hardware and software necessary to access and use the Website and services;
The use that it makes of the Website , including any article, material, literary or artistic work, design or other matter that they author, invent, create, develop or produce;
Complying with all laws, regulations and rules in the uses country or jurisdiction;
Complying with any recommendations or guidelines issued by ARTOPRINT with respect to the use of the Website and/or services and
Ensuring that all electronic or other media it uses in connection or in conjunction with the Website and the services provided complies with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws, regulations and rules.

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